Artificial Wall

I had my olive-green Fiat 500 Cabriole for 7.5 years.

I loved it.

I could park anywhere – and did! I could put the top down on warm days. It had the right amount of technology in it, so I didn’t feel stupid. And, it reminded me of Italy . . . a country that’s captured my heart.

It was choreographed perfectly. A few days after IL shutdown due to COVID-19, I backed into our office’s loading dock and the car just stopped – not to start again without a serious cash infusion. It’s as if the Fiat got the memo from Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker that non-essential workers (and cars!) should stay home.

Insert Craig’s (my husband’s) comment here: “Thank god it’s dead. I hated that car.”

Broken heart emoji. (But his sentiment wasn’t new nor the first time I’d heard him utter these words. Wink emoji.)

Regardless, I believed there was no way that I was ever going to have another car that I connected to . . .

Then Craig dropped me off at a luxury auto showroom.

Spoiler alert, my new car is not a Maybach but it’s still pretty nice. I mean it had me at the heated steering wheel. (Again, I’m a bit easy when it comes to cars.)

I’m getting used to the all the bells and whistles . . . Okay, let’s be honest, I’m a little more comfortable and . . . can drive a little bit faster than in my Fiat. (LOL – it’s a LOT faster.)

Why the story?

Because sometimes it’s difficult to convert from one ideal to another. But, when you do, there’s possibilities you could have never imagined. And, get this, life may actually get easier and be more fulfilling if you do change.

When we started Topiarius, I’d never have considered artificial plants or turf for ANY reason. I believed that they were not made well and screamed fake. Only people that can’t grow anything would have such an atrocity in their yard. (Yes, I had strong feelings about them.)
Enter Stage right: Believers in the power of artificials.
Over the past few years, our designers have begun to incorporate artificial plants and turf into many of our designs. And, I’m impressed with the quality, effectiveness, and beautiful outcomes.

[My litmus test is if I can’t tell it’s artificial from within a few feet, we’ve got a winner.]
By far, artificial turf has been the most utilized, whether it’s in back yards, front yards, parkways, or rooftops. With so many options, there’s always one that will work for you.

Our use of artificial plants has also increased with the use on green walls or shrubs. I mean, they look amazing!

Check Out These Benefits:

  • You’ve got green all year around.
  • The green doesn’t come at the cost of toxic fertilizers or pesticides. (We stick to using organics for the real stuff.)
  • They don’t need to be watered. (Just cleaned.)
  • There aren’t huge holes because dead spots had to be clipped out nor brown spots because of pet pee.
  • They’re pleasing to look at (walls / shrubs) and comfortable to walk on (turf).
  • You don’t have to own a lawn mower (or pay us to mow)! One less thing to clutter your garage.
  • If the sun don’t shine, everything still stays green.
  • There’s long-term return on the investment because they don’t DIE.

I know. It’s kind of cool.  
So this non-believer has become a believer in the world of artificials, and like being converted to my not-Fiat, I’ve found out that I’m pleasantly surprised and honestly living beautifully. 

So, let’s make sure that you too can live beautifully . . . outdoors!


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