Close up of an automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn on a background of green grass.

Throwing money away. It’s one of my favorite things. EEEEEEK who says this? Exactly. No one.

And this is specifically why I worked yesterday installing irrigation to our plants. I want to make sure that my money has THE best possible return on investment.

And if you get this, then you’ll understand why we won’t do plantings either in containers or in ground if you don’t do irrigation.

Here’s why it’s non-negotiable:

In order for plants to thrive and look the way you want them to, which is magazine gorgeous, they need water regularly – even different amounts at different times of the season.

Plants are a lot like humans. If you stop drinking water you’re thirsty; you can get a headache and start to feel your energy drain. The longer you go, the worse you feel and the more stress you put on your body. While plants are quite tolerant and can bounce back in ways that are unbelievable, the constant stress of an unpredictable watering schedule is going to take its toll.

The fact is that no one likes watering. Sure, you say you do, but it’s honestly time consuming and often done incorrectly. And when approached with impatience it leads to improper amounts of water at irregular times or no water at all.

And let’s talk about the investment you’re making in your annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees, especially if these are planted in containers! Containers inherently have small soil volume i.e., they’re just not planted in the ground. And soil in containers, ESPECIALLY small ones and ones lined with coconut fiber, dry out quickly. If they are not getting water regularly, say up to 2-3 times a day in the heat of summer, they will die. And you’ve just tossed out dollars.

Then what happens when you go on vacation? Having to find someone to watch the dog, the house, get your mail, AND water your plants, sounds fun. Not!

When we’re doing a full design and construction installation, you are already investing 15%-20% of your home’s value on the entire project. i.e., you are choosing to invest in this project, so it doesn’t make sense to cut corners.

Even if you’re not getting a full re-build, irrigation systems and lines can still be added. Most of the time it is always possible.

Our goal is to position you and your plants for success. Our 18 years of experience knows that irrigation is a non-negotiable because it will save you time, energy, worry, money, AND get you the magazine look!

We want you to live beautifully outdoors with plants that live and thrive!

If you’re eager for an irrigation solution, then contact us today! We can get you set  up for success.


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