Roof Top Shade

One of my favorite memories about my pug Pegi is how much she despised the heat – I mean despised it! During the summer when we’d take her on a walk she would run ahead to the shade, wait for us to catch up, stay there as we walked past, then run to the next bit of shade. Truth. Hand to God.

And when there are days like this for us humans it’s gonna take more than a spot of shade to beat the heat!

So rather than wax poetically about this, here’s the punch line.

These are our top 5 solutions for beating the heat when you have a pergola.



The endless options for pattern on these fixed panels creates a unique respite from the sun.

Roof Top Pergola


When the heat is too much, grab the “wand” and slide the panels where you’d like to have them. There are different options for fabric color too.

Roof Top Pergola


Fixed in place, depending on the time of day, these louvers will minimize the heat by creating dappled shade.

Roof Top Louvers


With a click of a button (or as a reaction to the the weather) the louvers will open and close providing instant shade.

Roof Top StruXure


One of the more interesting and creative solutions that we’ve designed and installed are the moving panels. Using a “wand” the panels slide forward and backward to block the sun.

Roof Top Moving Panels

Beating the heat is no joke when you’re a pug . . . that’s for shizzle. But it’s even more fun when you’re human!

Can’t stand not having the outdoor space of your dreams? Can’t stand not having respite from the sun? Then now is the time to contact us and we’ll walk you through our process.

Loving living beautifully outdoors!


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