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Today I want to introduce you to fiberglass planters/containers*.


Because they are the best alternative to traditional ceramic, terra-cotta, and stone planters, for outdoor (and indoor) applications.

A quality fiberglass container will be marine-grade (aka real sturdy), frost-resistant, UV-resistant, allow for drainage holes, AND lightweight. This is perfect for Chicagoland area weather!

Below are just four options out of dozens of other shapes and sizes. 

Tau Flute Container in Black
Tau Quadrum Container in Black
Tau Rotunda Container in Black
Tau Symmetria Container in Black

But for those of us who love eye-candy and choose wine based on the label, the exciting news is that fiberglass planters come in both standard colors AND custom colors!! 

Below is a sampling of colors Topiarius has used in the past. The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting creative!

Round Container in Eggplant with Hydrangea
Round Container in Orange
Container in blue with fall planting
Rooftop with dining, lounging, and grey containers
Backyard with dining, grilling, red containers and trees

If you’re interested in finding more out about fiberglass containers, then you’re in luck! Here’s our brand new link to a catalog from the Tau container company. (You can understand why Topiarius regularly utilizes their offerings when we specify containers in our designs.)

When it comes to living beautifully outdoors, these containers hit the nail on the head!

“Planters” and “Containers” are used interchangeably in landscape vernacular. 


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