How To Create An Outdoor Oasis Beyond The Current Trends

If you ask me, there are two places where you can find emerging trends for exterior design: couture clothing spring collections, and shows like Salone Del Mobile in Milan. Innovators in these environments are not looking what will sell to the mass market; they are responding to what exists while looking to create something new and inspirational.

Don’t get me wrong – mass market options aren’t bad. Matter of fact, they’re often on point and for the most part, accessible at all price points. 

Case in point, if any of your outdoor (or indoor, for that matter) color schemas fall into the palette below, then you’re trending and hopefully enjoying it.

Current Color Trends

However, if you’re going to hire a team of professional designers to provide you with something new and innovative that’s different from the masses, then why wouldn’t you want to know what the emerging trends for 2024 – 2025 are? We at Topiarius think you deserve to be in the know.

2024 – 2025 Trends

#1. Similar types of products used indoors have an available counterpart for outdoors. Whether it’s a surface treatment (tile, wall paper, paint), furniture, lighting, media, table games (ping-pong, billiards) built-ins (cabinetry, fire features) . . . it can be recreated outdoors, but be ready to pay a comparable price or more. A quality exterior budget is at least the same or more as an interior budget. That thing called weather doesn’t hold punches, so products are designed to be sustainable outdoors. Keep in mind that exterior products take a whole different level of expertise compared to interior products. Rely on us to be your trusted experts! 

#2. Textures are Mixed A LOT. Textures are not limited to plant choices! They are also included in surface treatments, furniture, built-ins, walls, screening, shade structures, hardscapes, lighting, etc. Your outdoor space shouldn’t be boring! It can and should provoke awe.

#3. Color! This may be my most freakin’ favorite trend of all. Products are crafted in SO MANY COLORS. You no longer have to feel limited to black, grey, and brown!

#4. Artisanal Pieces. Think unique, eye-catching pieces that can either stand alone or are multi-purpose as furniture or planters. A dose of whimsy and fun goes a long way.

#5. Curves. Well . . . admittedly, this is a current trend between sofas and arches, but it’s really exploding in the outdoor design world, in all kinds of products.  

See these examples below: 

Roda Atlas outdoor rug copy

Roda Atlas outdoor rugs bring the indoors outside while providing texture and color.

Afrika collection by Design Marcantonio

Afrika collection by Design Marcantonio provides functional artisanal furniture pieces that make an outdoor space unique.

Vibia Out Lamps copy

Vibia Out Lamps show off their curves, colors, and their indoor look outdoors.

LISBON chairs by Brown Jordan

Lisbon chairs by Brown Jordan amp up color for your outdoor dining. Again, don’t get caught in the black, grey, and brown trap. Have fun!

Monsieur OUT wallpaper copy

Monsieur OUT wallpaper. Yup! Wallpaper for the outdoors. Like I said, the indoor products are now available for the outdoors. And let’s not forget about all the color and textures!

Ice 101 Lovelight+39 copy

ICE 101 Lovelight+39 has created 4′ x 9′ porcelain panels that provide texture and color (although not show here) that can rev up the outdoor experience. for the outdoors. And let’s not forget about all the color and textures!

Ethemo Out-Fit Gym copy

Ethemo Out-Fit Gym brings the indoors outdoors in one fell swoop. Designed to withstand the weather, this all-in-one solution for your daily exercise is this easy. With this you get double the results, not only are you moving our body but you’re also outdoors!

If you’re looking to collaborate with a team that not only stays ahead of trends, but also anticipates future developments, then Topiarius is the perfect choice for you. Matter of fact, if you’re interested in getting started with us, then take a look at the 3 Pathways we provide for our design work. No matter the size of your project, there’s a pathway for collaboration.

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