Foosball table, a lion head shaped planter, and a modern style couch.

The 9 Holiday Gifts That DON’T Fit Under Your Tree

Okay, okay . . . yes, 2 + 9 could fit under your tree, but hey, we piqued your interest. 

  1. Studio Shed. Starting price is $10,000.
  2. Cloud Hunter Kit, $349, from Garden Glory.
  3. Outdoor RS2 Football Table, $6,500, design by Rafael Rodriguez.
  4. Black Lion Pot (Big), $299, from Garden Glory.
  5. Monkey Face Pot (Big), $349, from Garden Glory.
  6. Heated Outdoor Helios Metreo sofa, $6,200, from Galanter & Jones.
  7. Outdoor RS Ping Pong Table, $4,850.
  8. Fatboy Outdoor Original Bean Bag, $349.
  9. Shirly Blanket, $250, from Apparis.

Let’s Live Beautifully Outdoors!


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