Featured is a Lake Michigan project (or “Luxury Retreat Living” as we like to call it). […]
Today I’m coming at you with a Before + After that has the words “EYE CANDY” […]
Backyard Landscape Make-Over This Chicago backyard landscaping project was such a transformation. We took it from […]
Metal privacy screen outdoors.
Project Brief Knowing their 2,043 square foot terrace rooftop in Chicago could be an amazing outdoor […]
Parkway fencing around bushes.
True. Not a parkway, but this fencing is a great example. Another idea. This planter box […]
Outdoor roof deck with pergola over the top and a sitting area underneath.
I love the idea that there is always possibility. Possibility for change. Possibility for another way. […]
Outdoor kitchen with a grill, round table for dining, and a sitting area in an abundance of greenery.
Without fail in 99.9% of any competition I entered growing up, I never placed in the […]
Green garden on a roof top deck.
Sarah S. was one of the coolest girls in 7th grade. She had the most amazing bob haircut and […]