If you’re like me, the below-freezing temperatures may have you feeling down and blue (figuratively and […]
Light Requirements For Plants Welcome to class at Topiarius University*! Today we start in Plants 101. […]
It didn’t take long before Craig and I figured out how to frustrate our (then very […]
Close up of a lilac bush.
What’s the deal with Minnesotans and their love for Lilacs? I’m married to one (i.e., a […]
Close up of a purple spring perennial.
I’m seriously jonesing for hot weather, longer days, and my outdoor shower, but I’d miss out […]
Amelanchier lamarckii ripe and unripe fruits on branches.
As the saying goes . . . April showers bring May flowers! And – WOW – […]
Topiarius is ready to expose your flare! . . . Well, actually, we are ready to […]