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This Secret is Busted!

Topiarius Is One-Stop Shop for Landscaping Most clients think of us in 1 of 2 ways, but there is a special group that knows the

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3D rendering of an outdoor patio with a covered area and an outdoor kitchen.

3D Renderings

If someone talks to you about designing your living space (indoors or outdoors) and they say to you there’s going to be a door here,

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Large home with multiple roof lines, a glass railing roof deck, and large trees.

We Are Coming With You!

As of May 2021, Topiarius is expanding our services in SW Michigan and Indiana coastline communities! Do any of these frustrations resonate with you? The company

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Patio with seating area around a square fire glass gas fire pit.

Have High Expectations

I just had this amazing experience . . . all of 3 hours ago. I couldn’t file Topiarius’ sales tax with the state yesterday because

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