February 6, 2025 I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you today. Topiarius now has […]
As 2023 draws to a close, I have been meticulously analyzing Topiarius data points from the […]
A Chicago LUXE Rooftop This outdoor makeover took place in a preexisting space that was decent, […]
Let’s get down and dirty by talking about the power of planning. In a world of […]
Roof Top
In order for YOU to make the very best decision you can about who you choose […]
Topiarius Is One-Stop Shop for Landscaping Most clients think of us in 1 of 2 ways, […]
One of THE best hacks for living well is investing money in quality help. How do I know […]
Have you ever been in a situation when you realized that you’ve learned something you should […]
3D rendering of an outdoor patio with a covered area and an outdoor kitchen.
If someone talks to you about designing your living space (indoors or outdoors) and they say […]
Large home with multiple roof lines, a glass railing roof deck, and large trees.
As of May 2021, Topiarius is expanding our services in SW Michigan and Indiana coastline communities! […]
Close up of various types of rakes leaned against a brick wall outside.
I’d love for this to be an April Fool’s joke. But it’s really more like the […]
Water droplets dripping off of flower petals.
After a long, snowy winter, Uptown was quite a sight when March rolled in.  We used […]
Patio with seating area around a square fire glass gas fire pit.
I just had this amazing experience . . . all of 3 hours ago. I couldn’t […]
Refer and Earn
I’m super duper exited! We sent out cash last week. Did you get it? So it […]
Winter Branch with Snow
Hippy Anniversary to me! It has been just over a year since I (Craig) had my right […]
Outdoor patio at night with landscape lighting.
Abbott & Costello Who’s On First came to mind this week. (A Classic Must Watch!) I […]
Outdoor Space Guide Topiarius
If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space, but aren’t sure where to begin, Topiarius can […]
Timing Is Everything
Working on your landscape design in January and February is like visiting vacation destinations off-season – […]