Research studies continue to determine that being outdoors is not only extremely beneficial, but necessary for […]
If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all but […]
Halting Progress By Penny Pinching It didn’t really seem like it would EVER be a possibility, […]
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The year of 2003 . . .  The Department of Homeland Security began operating. Both the […]
Precedent Study Rooftop.
Today I’m going to tell you why our courageous creativity is meant to help you live […]
Close up of various spring plantings.
If I had to pick any month to epitomize waiting, it’d be a Chicago March. It’s […]
Holiday background of Christmas tree branches, spruce, juniper, fir, larch, pine cones with light.
Petite Flamenco Outdoor Umbrella from Santa Barbara Designs Mamagreeen’s Bondi Tall Adirondack and Footrest (kids’ version […]
Craig and Sara standing side by side outdoors.
At our house we have Taco Tuesdays on Mondays. Why? Because sometimes we just have to do […]
Close up of an outdoor plant garden.
Here are our top 5 favorite local gardens that are must visits. From Rockford, IL to […]
Close up of white Palmer tulips.
Here’s why you should love nature and experience it regularly. Nature, specifically spring, teaches us how to […]
An outdoor wooden dining table set with white plates and green napkins with various dinner foods served.
Honestly if it were just about the amazing food, you could always eat by yourself. But […]
Pergola with a round dining table and chairs with red cushions.
Craig could rarely find me in our house this spring, summer, and fall. Mind you, our […]
Villa d'Este
It’s time for me to share my secret to self-care. It’s too good to keep to […]
Outdoor roof patio with a red pergola with hanging sphere pendant lights and a bar with greenery surrounding.
Meet Sarah Vaile of Sarah Vaile Design Admittedly, Sarah (Vaile) tagged us first on her Instagram […]