Texture palette samples in a grid format.
Gone are the days when you want your landscape to look like your neighbors, right? Our […]
Roof Top Screening with Light
Time to test your knowledge! Of the two images for each category, which do you believe […]
Foosball table, a lion head shaped planter, and a modern style couch.
The 9 Holiday Gifts That DON’T Fit Under Your Tree Okay, okay . . . yes, […]
Outdoor Fabric
I know I’m not the only one that has done this. The fan base is too […]
Spectra Umbrella by Umbrosa.
It was a Tuesday morning. I’m 7 years old in second grade.  Donna, Kara, and I […]
Artificial Wall
I had my olive-green Fiat 500 Cabriole for 7.5 years. I loved it. I could park […]
Blurred leaves with the sun shining through.
The link circulated through various feeds in my social media this past week thanks to our friends. […]
Close up of a white rope tied to a hanging chair.
When my cousins and I would visit my grandparents’ house, the five of us would walk […]
StruXure and Topiarius Rooftop Pergola
Not only does Burger King believe you should have your hamburger your way, StruXure does too. […]
Outdoor Cooking and Dining
Choices and options can be amazing, right? But when you’re trying to make a simple choice […]
Outdoor Pet Beds
We Love Our Pets! Comfort isn’t just for us two-legged folks.Our four-legged friends need some attention […]
Topiarius Veggies Tomatoes
Topiarius Gardening on RooftopWhen it comes to growing vegetables on your rooftop, there are very few […]
Outdoor Furniture Rooftop
Tired of only seeing what Restoration Hardware, CB2, and Wayfair have for outdoor furniture? Want something […]
Complimentary Planter Plans
If you’re thinking about having your own vegetable garden this spring, but have no where to […]
Shrubs surrounding patio furniture on a deck.
If you’ve ever wandered through a museum on your own the items around you can be interesting, […]