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February 6, 2025 I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you today. Topiarius now has […]
Well, yesterday’s warmer-than-warm weather (on 2/28) was the perfect reminder for me that the official start […]
Featured is a Lake Michigan project (or “Luxury Retreat Living” as we like to call it). […]
If you’re like me, the below-freezing temperatures may have you feeling down and blue (figuratively and […]
Research studies continue to determine that being outdoors is not only extremely beneficial, but necessary for […]
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As 2023 draws to a close, I have been meticulously analyzing Topiarius data points from the […]
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Close up of brick pavers.
TOPIARIUS UNIVERSITY If I mention the words grinder, jimmies, and bubbla, do you know what I’m talking about? Well, […]
A Chicago LUXE Rooftop This outdoor makeover took place in a preexisting space that was decent, […]
Halting Progress By Penny Pinching It didn’t really seem like it would EVER be a possibility, […]
At Topiarius, we LOVE to unapologetically throw shade. Sound fun to you? We love it so […]
Today I’m coming at you with a Before + After that has the words “EYE CANDY” […]
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Topiarius Veggie Garden
Vegetable Gardens Are Both Efficient and Beautiful I’m here to tell you that having your own […]
Backyard Landscape Make-Over This Chicago backyard landscaping project was such a transformation. We took it from […]
Roof Top
In order for YOU to make the very best decision you can about who you choose […]
Rendering_2 (2)
Today I want to introduce you to fiberglass planters/containers*. Why? Because they are the best alternative […]