The Reality of Our Supply Chain

Amazon has ruined us. With a few clicks we can get anything we want at any time we want it no matter where we are located.

Will I stop using Amazon? Will Topiarius stop using Amazon? That’s a big fat NO. Whether your like or dislike Bezos, Amazon is still genius.

But here’s the thing. Custom luxury goods do not have the option of Amazon accessibility.

In a recent article I just read in House Beautiful called “The Waiting Game,” the author notes that “there isn’t some giant warehouse containing every potential combo waiting to be sold.”

The good news is to have it YOUR way means you get it your way. The bad news is you’ll have to be patient and wait. (And trust me . . . I am waiting for a bed that I ordered in January to be delivered – fingers-crossed – 9 months later.)

The same thing applies to the plant world. And I KNOW this is not known to many of you, particularly because it’s about a trifecta of COVID, the 2008 financial crash, and weather.

According to Lisa Fiore, co-founder and CEO of LandscapeHub, in another recent article called “How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting Lawn and Landscape Industry” published by National Association of Landscape Professionals, she says,

“When it [the recession] hit in 2008, many nurseries reduced their production.

They either didn’t have the cash or the appetite to risk the investment of putting more plants in the ground 12 years ago.

Because trees and evergreens take 10 to 12 years to produce, the effects from the Great Recession are now being seen with those shortages.

COVID and the increased consumer demand from more people staying home have impacted the availability of faster-produced plant material.

Severe weather events have also impacted the availability of plant material in locations like Texas and Louisiana while increasing demand as people seek to replace the plants they lost in the storms.”

Topiarius’ expertise is knowing which plants will work well in your yard – neah, which ones will thrive – whether in-ground or on a rooftop. We also work diligently to make sure you get THE one plant that’s going to make the design inspired. We want YOU to look at your project and go WOW, just as much as WE want to go WOW.

So . . . here’s what we do. We look at options. We look at alternative designs. And we know that we are going to be working in phases over the next year. Patience and a willingness to be flexible are the rules that guide this “game.”

Our work for you will get completed that’s a 100% guarantee, it’s just going to take, well . . . time.

We Are Coming With You!

As of May 2021, Topiarius is expanding our services in SW Michigan and Indiana coastline communities!

Do any of these frustrations resonate with you? The company that services my home in SW MI / IN is unreliable, their design aesthetic doesn’t fit my personality, and it’s difficult to find any alternatives.

As we’ve worked with clients over the past few years, these statements are repeated again and again.

Our goal, as your trusted provider, is to bring our exact same work ethic and reliability to your doorstep in MI / IN. We already know what you like and can easily adapt it to any home design and style. You trust us to be in and around your home; we’re going to take care of it better than our own. And, we will be your one continuous service line. There’s no longer any need to keep coordinating between multiple providers.

If this sounds amazing . . . it’s because it is! We’re thrilled to be able to offer our services in these communities where your home is located.

From Team Topiarius – 

Craig, Me (Sara), Chris, and Craig N.

Team Topiarius
2021 Harbor Country magazine launch party in Three Oaks at Journeyman Distillery.

Spring Trend: Committed Budgets

Roof Top

Let’s take an audit.

EEEK I know, it sounds daunting.

But please don’t stop reading. (You know this is from TOPIARIUS so it’s about living beautifully outdoors. So, this will actually be quite gentle.)

When you look at your outdoor space and landscaping, does it feel . . .

like an OBLIGATION (i.e., heavy and energy-taking)?
like a COMMITMENT (i.e., meaningful and wonderful)?
Why the audit?

Because this spring we are seeing a HUGE trend.

Clients are allocating hearty budgets to designing their unused or outdated landscapes in order to create beautiful sanctuaries and oases.
The realization of what it means to have a beautiful outdoor space was enforced by this past (and continuing) COVID year. If you’ve got to stay at home, then it’s got to feel like a COMMITMENT, not an OBLIGATION.
You know the spaces that feel like an OBLIGATION because you don’t want to spend time out there. When you look at it, you scowl, turn around, and find somewhere else to spend your time.
When it feels like a COMMITMENT, staying home for the weekend is better than any luxurious hotel experience you could have. When you walk outdoors, you’re as comfortable there as you are as being inside.
Nature is an essential sanctuary for us. And since humans spend 90% of their time indoors on average, being outdoors is so important to bring calm and reconnect to family and friends.
Audits are good. They bring clarity.

So we’ll be clear: we want you to live beautifully outdoors.

If you’re dealing with an OBLIGATION of an unused our outdated landscape space, and don’t want to anymore, then contact us. We are so about COMMITMENT.

It’s Finally Here! R/E.

I’m super duper exited!

We sent out cash last week. Did you get it?

So it wasn’t literal cash, but a postcard.

Why would a postcard be that exciting?

I know, the holiday cards have stopped and all that’s left are junk mailers and catalogs, so why bother looking?

Because . . . it’s gonna make you money!!!! (yelling in my best Oprah voice)

Yes, that is 100% factual and non-mob inciting.

Did you see what our postcard said?

If you refer someone to Topiarius and we contract work with them within a year of them contacting us . . . you get credit! And lots of it.

Either $250 or $500 per referral!

That’s FREE money you can spend on any future contract you have with us.

Imagine this . . .

As you’re heading outside to dump your trash, you see your neighbor. They mention how much they love what you did with your back yard.

All you have to say is, “Thanks, we love it! It was done by Topiarius and we highly recommend them. If you call them, let them know that I gave you their name.”

Done! In less than 5 seconds you are rolling in the dough. (Maybe this will be mob inciting . . . definitely not like the US Capital kind but like the Cabbage Patch kind. Remember those days?)

You could potentially get $250 or $500 off your next, let’s say, maintenance contract cuz you were just taking out the smelly trash.

I can see now that you’re going through your proverbially Rolodex and doing the math.

If you refer 10 people, and say half make a call that leads to a contract, that’s gonna be somewhere between $1,250 – $2,500 of credit for you to apply to your new contracted services.

It’s not a secret that referrals carry a lot of weight. We know that 65% of new business opportunities come form word of mouth.

THUS we want to make this a HUGE win! 

I mean what a fantastic postcard, right!?

Our Winner Is . . .

Topiarius Outdoor Stimulus Package Incentive

Congratulations to Tammy W. of Chicago!

Initially she was skeptical about the confirmation email.

We said, “This is real!”

And, just like that, Tammy won the $6,000 grand prize package!

The Summer In Luxury Give Away items were delivered last week by Topiarius. And, it was fun!

Summer In Luxury $6,000 Give Away was awarded in July 2020. Topiarius was the main sponsor, supported by these fabulous partners: Bradley Terrace Outdoor FurnishingsMammagreenChicago Grill Company, Nightlight, Inc.Farmhouse restaurant groupOur Days Photo and Film, and Chicago Bourbon blog.

Change Has Arrived

17 years ago Topiarius began.

A lot has happened.

Starting in the hallway of our condo with our parking space as our “landscape yard” to now residing in our own 10,000 square foot building and 40,000 square foot landscape yard.

Craig working alone with a Home Depot Homer bucket and our Ford Focus wagon to a staff of 40+ and a fleet of 14 trucks.

Doing everything ourselves from the selling, designing, ordering, installing, and billing to having a staff of professionals who are experts in their respective roles.

Advertising in print to advertising on your handheld phone.

As we finish out 2 decades and look forward, we have been thinking. Thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We’ve reflected on our successes and our failures. We’ve been thinking about what we wanted when we started and what we want now.

We know that we have provided almost 600 clients with outdoor spaces that have amplified their love for being outdoors. We know that we have provided over 130 staff with work opportunities. We know that we have weathered the city’s economies and pandemics (still are). Not only are we resilient, but we are smart, creative, ambitious, passionate, authentic, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our time, our services, our presence are valuable and we’re making a difference.

It is the perfect time for us to clarify our direction and purpose. We are taking Topiarius into a new world.

We are upping our style, our image, our expectations.

We are focusing our promise.

As a landscape design, build and maintenance firm, we are transforming the Chicago urban landscape one rooftop and yard at a time. Where there is concrete, we want nature. Where there is empty space, we want stunning restorative beauty. This all based on our fundamental belief that nature is an essential sanctuary for humans. We are where luxury and sanctuary meet outdoors.

Our change is not only in our mindset and focus, but also our look. You’ll see evidence of this on our website, our business cards, our social media, our blog, our trucks, and our appearance.

So, to you, who have supported us for the past 17 years or if we’ve just met, we thank you.

As a service business, you make Topiarius possible.

Topiarius plans to be around for many more years. And we want to make sure we’re able to do so.

Craig (President) + Sara (CEO)

Outdoor Stimulus Package

Topiarius Outdoor Stimulus Package Incentive

Are you thinking of postponing the renovation of your outdoor space? Then, you need to keep reading.

Topiarius is offering, for the month of May, our Outdoor Stimulus Package. If you sign a designer retainer with us for $5,000 or less, you will be reimbursed 100% with a signed installation contract.

Contact us either through our website, phone, email, or click on the below graphic. We’ll connect you to one of our designers. They will spend some time with you discussing your project and determine if a complimentary on-site meeting is the next step.


  • The signed design retainer contract must be signed and paid in May 2020.
  • The 100% reimbursement applies when the retainer total is a minimum of 5% of the installation contract total.
  • No partial reimbursements.
  • The installation contract must be signed and deposit paid in 2020.