Before + After: Rooftop

I love the idea that there is always possibility.

Possibility for change.

Possibility for another way.

Possibility for a new beginning.

Possibility for a step up.

Possibility for more (or less if needed).

It’s exciting and intriguing to think about what could be. Right?!

The difficult part is to know how to get from point A to point B. You see where you want to go but it’s befuddling to figure out how to get there.

Sometimes I can get there on my own by just reading some books. Right now, I’ve got books on my nightstand about finances, menopause, and leadership. (Ain’t that a magical combo!)

And then sometimes it’s time to contact a professional for help.

And this is our jam, we turn possibility into reality.

It may come in the form of a beautiful new rooftop, like the project below showing before and after shots, but we will always bring you from point A to point B.

What could be of your outdoors can actually become your luxurious outdoor sanctuary! 

And when you’re living a better life because you are living beautifully outdoors we expect that many more possibilities will continue to arrive at your doorstep. 

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Before + After: Back Yard

Without fail in 99.9% of any competition I entered growing up, I never placed in the top 3.

But before you feel sorry for me, without fail 99.9% of the time I would receive the Most Improved Award! (And this matters because we didn’t all get participation awards either.)

And that’s why I love this project so much. I’ve got a connection to it. I resonate with it.

It did okay to begin with. It showed some solid ideas, but it wasn’t going to cross the finish line in the top 3.

But once Topiarius got our hands on it, it turned a corner!

Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

Sometimes you don’t get it spot on the first time and that’s totes fine . . . I think that’s why we have the word “practice.”

But if you’re going to make the investment in your own luxurious outdoor oasis, then you don’t want to be practicing design and install after design and install. This doesn’t make any sense!

What does make sense you ask? Let me tell you. Contacting us because we will get you across the finish line in the top 3, no, how about 1st place (!), on the first try because we’ve got the expertise that comes from years of practice.

P.S. Before you scroll too much more, you’ve GOT to check this out! Our very own Chris Walsh, Executive VP of Sales and Design share what it means to him to live beautifully outdoors.

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