Lilac bush against sky

Spring Shrubbery

What’s the deal with Minnesotans and their love for Lilacs?

I’m married to one (i.e., a MN not a Lilac) and I know a whole lot more and they all have great memories associated with Lilacs. And, they L-O-V-E to tell you about them! Just ask Craig and you two will have an honest to goodness moment together.

While I love to tease, Minnesotans are definitely on to something. They understand the potency of spring blooms. Not only do they smell fabulous, they also evoke lovely heart-warming memories.

Each spring when the Lilacs bloom thoughts and sensations return. I mean if I had to translate this into today’s context – they’re like the 1-year ago reminders on your Facebook feed.

While Lilacs top the list for favorite spring blooms, here are 2 more that are worth knowing about because they too have the power to create connection and memories.

Cheers to plants and memories!

Above: Rather than the common lilac, Syringa vulgaris, Craig recommends another variety for small yards: Miss Kim Lilac, Syringa pubescens subsp. patula ‘Miss Kim’.
Above: Korean Spice Viburnum, Viburnum carlesii. If you see this one, please stop and smell. It’s delicious!
Rasberry Bloom
Above: Raspberries, Rubus idaeus.

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