Coming Home

Even though our ability to move around this world has been temporarily halted, we are not stuck.

Seriously. We’re not.

Even though that fabulous vacation where you get to experience another culture, practice that long forgotten high school French, or even be allowed into another country, has been temporarily put on hold. We know that these adventures will return!

In the interim, we at Topiarius make it possible for you to have your very own oasis and sanctuary. 

Yup. We are still being serious.

Having the kind of outdoor space that draws you into nature, gets you out of the house, and provides a place of restorative beauty will help you deal with the additional stress we are currently encountering.

Maybe we don’t get to go to Spain this fall for that friend’s wedding (yes, Craig and I have had to let that one go – for now), but it is still possible for us to modify life’s current rhythms by finding an outdoor sanctuary outside our back door.

Topiarius is a landscape design, build and maintenance company. BUT, we are also the reason that coming home is restorative, is relaxing, is centering, is making these current times move deliberately and positively forward. (I know. We’re amazing.) 

The bottom line is we’re not stuck.

Let us make coming home for you an inexcusable delight.

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