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Where Luxury and Sanctuary Meet Outdoors

Serving Chicagoland and SW Michigan

Creating a Design with a Vision

When it comes to landscape architecture and design not only is the planning phase important, it is the foundation upon which every successful project is built.

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Vision Becomes Reality

Transform your outdoor space into an enchanting oasis with our expert construction services. Whether you dream of a serene retreat adorned with lush plants or a modern hardscape masterpiece, our skilled team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will bring your vision to life.

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Spring | Summer | Fall | Winter

Topiarius celebrates each season with unique plants, designs, and displays. All of our seasonal offerings are professionally designed and installed, and available to homeowners and commercial properties alike. Whether your preference is traditional and formal or clean and modern, we create the perfect design using the best plants and accents.

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Signature Care

Because we believe each garden has its own unique needs and distinct character, and it is our responsibility to provide the right kind of care to match, we refer to our maintenance services as “Fine Gardening.” Our Fine Gardening Services team has the expertise needed to evaluate the landscaping requirements of a home or commercial property.

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Unique and Refreshing

Topiarius is your ultimate destination, where all your landscaping needs are met in one place. Instead of dealing with multiple companies for various services like landscape maintenance, seasonal annuals, decorations, interior plants, and floral arrangements, why not simplify it with just one? Our Contract Floral & Plant Service caters to clients seeking exquisite design and impeccable service that perfectly aligns with our expertise in outdoor aesthetics.

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Balcony Planting

To truly get a sense of Topiarius and our expertise, take a glimpse into our world by exploring the stunning projects showcased in the portfolio section.

Here you will find images of our landscape maintenance (Fine Gardening), seasonal plantings (spring, summer, fall, winter, and Halloween décor), and exquisite floral design. Additionally, you’ll also find portfolios showcasing projects we have meticulously crafted and constructed.

Explore our portfolios to witness how we help our clients live beautifully outdoors.



To begin, please take a moment to complete our client survey form, allowing us to connect with you. By sharing your valuable thoughts and preferences, you will provide us with insights into the landscaping services that align with your interests and your project's priorities.


Once we receive your client survey, we will promptly reach out to you, either by phone or email. During this conversation with one of our Sales & Design staff, you'll discuss your landscape project in more detail. We'll also provide additional in-depth details on our process.


If it becomes evident during our discussion about your landscape project that we are well-suited, we will arrange a complimentary on-site consultation with you. This visit will give us a deeper understanding of the extent of the work and requirements for your project.


As experts in our field, we understand the importance of tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client. That's why every landscaping project begins with a comprehensive proposal outlining our services, terms, and pricing. Typically, we kick-start the process with a design retainer contract, followed by a detailed proposal for the completion of the work. For more information, please visit Our Services.


The start dates for our landscape services may vary depending on the specific services you choose. However, rest assured that our Operations team is highly skilled at planning and scheduling work to accommodate your needs and the time of year. Once you have signed a contract and paid the deposit, our dedicated Client Concierge will personally reach out to you to initiate the process and provide you with comprehensive on-boarding documentation.


We are dedicated to providing extraordinary landscaping services, seamlessly guiding you from the initial design phase to the successful completion of your project, regardless of its scale. To achieve this, we prioritize consistent, transparent, and prompt communication, ensuring that by the end of our collaboration, you will be delighted beyond your wildest expectations.


Every aspect of our process is meticulously crafted to elevate your experience of outdoor living. We are genuinely excited about this, because we truly believe it allows you to embrace nature, find serenity, and reconnect with your loved ones.


There is a wealth of information to discover when it comes to selecting the perfect company for your landscape design/architecture project. At our company, we believe that the true measure of our expertise goes beyond the number of magazine articles written about us. Instead, we take pride in sharing valuable, insightful, accurate, and delightfully entertaining information that showcases our knowledge and proficiency in the field.

Wrap It Up Early

2023 Holiday Gift Guide If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all but could use something truly extraordinary

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Before & After

A Chicago LUXE Rooftop This outdoor makeover took place in a preexisting space that was decent, although not exceptional.  So when Topiarius received the invitation

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Outdoor Roller Shades

At Topiarius, we LOVE to unapologetically throw shade. Sound fun to you? We love it so much we’ve just added a 6th item to our list

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Before and After

Poolside Paradise Today I’m coming at you with a Before + After that has the words “EYE CANDY” written all over it. And who doesn’t

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The pivoting louver system is the highlight of the StruXure pergolas.  StruXure pergolas  are 100% customizable and that flexibility allows any client to have a configuration that integrates with their overall home design while integrating state of the art accessories and features. The overall structure is powder-coated aluminum, which helps with weight load on rooftops and is extremely rust resistant and low maintenance. Learn More >


Lumon sliding and stacking glass will transform any outdoor area into a space where the changing seasons can truly be enjoyed.

Imagine the possibilities for extending the entertainment season and spending more time outdoors in comfort and style with our frameless retractable glass walls, balcony railings and coverings for balconies, sun rooms, patios, and rooftops. Additionally, Lumon products provide many benefits such as protection from wind, rain, UV rays and pests with retractable glass that’s easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful!

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Learn how we can help create your outdoor oasis.