March 2015

‘A Maintenance Free Garden’ – Confirmed, Plausible, Or Busted?


If you’ve ever watched the television show Mythbusters, you’re familiar with its premise. The team challenges various rumors and urban legends to see if they are confirmed, plausible or busted. Here at Topiarius we are often asked to design a ‘maintenance free garden.’ While we’d love to do this for you we are unfortunately going to declare this a busted myth. READ MORE



This spring Topiarius will be launching its Customer Portal for our clients providing easy access to signed contracts and exclusive gardening information. Online payment options will be available as well. Customers will be receiving an email outlining their log-in process.

Topiarius is currently hiring for positions for the upcoming spring season. For detailed information visit


Creating Privacy in Your Landscape


Another very common screening in the landscape is fencing. There are many styles, heights and material options available to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites: READ MORE

Sliding Panels

A creative screening solution, Sliding panels provide customizable privacy. They’re easily moved to block the setting sun, or can define your space for a cozy, intimate feel. READ MORE

Shedding Winter with Early Spring Bulbs

They twinkle beside sidewalks, peek up from the leaf litter or among groundcovers, carpet the ground with blue. While tulips and daffodils are still pushing up green sprouts, many small bulbs are already joyously in bloom.

Snowdrops are the early favorites. But in the Graham Bulb Garden and all through the islands, they are followed by crocus, scilla, chionodoxa, puschkinia, and grape hyacinths. Though many are early bloomers, small bulbs can span the season from March to May. READ MORE