Urban Attitude

Space is precious in an urban back yard, and even more so when it is 20? by 30?, or 600 sq feet (a yard about the size of a wide two car garage.)

In a town home community of traditional mid-western architectural influence of red brick and white columns, how does one transform a riotously overgrown back yard into a crisp seating area, with a water feature, herb garden, a new 2nd story stairway, make it ?fun for my girls,? and add a little bit of New Zealand color flair along the way?

Wise and thoughtful use of space. The spiral metal stairs efficiently use space while keeping the feel of the yard airy. The newly resurfaced bluestone patio under the existing portico is brought up to threshold height to create the feeling of expansiveness as one walks out the house door.

The extension of the bluestone patio/walkway surrounds the building edge to the side entrance to the yard, and then transfers to the continuous grade cedar deck with the girl?s playhouse. Features abound in the playhouse with a climbing wall, colorful peek-a-boo windows and a chalk board.

As the bluestone patio and deck step down into the cozy and colorful seating area, we find ourselves nestled into the focal point of the yard. As one enjoys lounging in the basket chairs and eye-popping settee, they are surrounded by seasonal annual display in containers, a raised planting bed with a shade tolerant Carpinus surround, shade loving perennials below, and an amazing silver ball water feature, adding a bit of sparkle magic and lightly masking the urban noises of the town home community.