The Company We Keep: Oak Street Penthouse

Over the past 10 years, this Oak Street penthouse garden has grown, expanded, and changed. Each year the client presents us with a new wishlist – a challenge we love to take on.

The client’s goal is to create an antique woodland feel that is conducive too entertaining, while keeping to a color palette of green, blue and white. This combined with Chicago’s harsh weather, high winds and extreme temperatures and living in a high-rise, made selecting the right flowers and hardy plants a must.

We filled containers with luscious evergreens and climbing hydrangea that grow up the wall. We also allow moss to grow between the bluestone cracks.

We select summer annuals that have a wispy feel & overgrown look. The fountain, wrought ironwork, collection of statues, and antique containers add the aged look. The C-shape layout naturally provides an element of surprise around each corner, whether it’s a spa, day bed, dining, outdoor shower or small vegetable plants.

We regularly maintain the trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, fountain, table tops, wrought iron, paving, containers, outdoor shower, furniture and irrigation system.

Every week we adjust the irrigation, apply appropriate fertilizers and anti-desiccation. In this building there are small hallways, elevators, and difficult roof access. We have become experts at working efficiently in the building to provide flawless service with no disturbance to others.