Many Shades of Gray

After completing a home renovation, it was time to remodel the small, shabby backyard into a stylish retreat. We worked collaboratively with the client to design a comfortable, private and roomy outdoor eating space that echoed the rest of the house.

We began by relaying the natural bluestone patio. We strategically placed two custom designed containers for Boxwoods and stunning displays of annuals or perennials for added symmetry. The unique design on the fence was carried onto the trellis panels on both sides of the garage door, which screened the once dominating garage. We placed a custom outdoor curtain along the large garage door, adding an elegant touch to the yard’s new clean look and further defining the space for a future built-in banquette.

To help make the back yard, a new favorite hangout, we added custom designed Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) insets to each fence panel and stained it (semi-transparent) gray to complement the rest of the space. We also properly installed wire mesh from the base of the fence, into the ground to prevent rats from burrowing underneath.

We constructed additional finishing touches to the pre-existing deck and stained it to match the fence, providing a touch of color and cohesiveness to the space.

The color inspiration for the gray fence and gray-blue containers came from the blue-gray tones in the patio, adding a bit of contrast to the area while still offering a calm and relaxed vibe.