Inner Lake Shore Drive Elegance

Our ultimate goal is to achieve high customer satisfaction so when an upscale property along inner Lake Shore Drive, with limited outdoor space, posed a landscaping challenge, we saw the job as an opportunity.

Faced with road salt, high winds, cool temps, heavy snowdrifts and dog damage, we were tasked with maintaining a tailored, clean look no matter the season.

Each week, our crew rakes blue stone chips, weeds and selectively prunes. All hard surfaced are cleaned and plants are deadheaded. Annuals are kept from growing too high so window views remain open. Additional annuals are kept on hand to replace those damaged by inclement weather and dogs. Planting beds are lined with electrical and irrigation, which we meticulously plant around each season.

As part of the partnership, we regularly offer solutions to the management company in order to keep the property top notch. For example, cars were pulling in the driveway and parking over the front landscape killing all the groundcover. By using bluestone chips instead of groundcover, cars are able to park and the area still maintains a refined, manicured look.

And, since Lake Shore Drive is highly-visible, it is crucial the seasonal plantings have a “wow” factor and the right color connections. During the winter holiday season, we install lights, wreaths, garland, poinsettias, sod over annual beds and put up displays on the building’s exterior and in the interior lobby.
We also change out the interior lobby orchid display and provide new plant material monthly.

A green roof was also installed on the awning to break-up the sea of asphalt and concrete. After the installation, residents were so passionate about the addition; they have chosen to maintain it. However, we are always available to help and answer questions.