Green Roof Garden in Lincoln Park

Looking for another option for your roof top other than decking or pedestal pavers? With the correct structural support, an intensive green roof provides a fabulous alternative.

On top of this garage there is a specially design membrane for green roofs that allowed us to put about 12” of planting media (not heavy clay top soil) for planting, and several inches of rigid foam and sand for the stone patio. The pergola is also free-standing (i.e. no penetration points in roof). Each post is bolted to a “boot” and angle bracket and sits on the rigid foam.

The client’s goal was to have a rustic and lush garden style environment that encouraged relaxation and entertaining. The circular patio provided both room for planting and space for 6 adults to sit comfortably. In addition to providing privacy, the lattice work and the pergola structure allows vines to grow and provide shade. The plants are varied for texture, color and height.