Gold Coast Contemporary

Riddle us this: how do we fulfill a list of luxury requisites for a roof top design/install that can only be accessed via a narrow walkway and up two separate ladders, that wouldn’t allow for any penetration into the building structure and that needed to provide privacy from most of the neighbors?

Answer: Gold Coast Contemporary

The engineering for many of the elements on this roof top needed to be thoroughly examined and “old” ways of doing them had to be discarded.

The arched metal pergola is free-standing and supported by posts on only one side. The cantilever extends out under the raised pedestal pavers and has adjustable feet to compensate for the pitch of roof deck. Additional bracing includes metal boxes that were covered and used as banquet seating for the dining table. It was designed to break down into smaller parts so that it could be fabricated off site and moved up to the terrace to be assembled.

The 2 identical water features utilize decorative glass panels that the client had acquired in Italy. It was designed and engineered with a stainless steel tank and removable supports that would hold the glass panels securely in the tank and hide plumbing and electrical.

Other custom built-ins included screening to hide the unattractive concrete brick parapet masonry walls. It was installed with tension fit framing (no mechanical attachments). To hide the cat walk tubed railing to the terrace, the Italian glass was used again in metal frames that slide over the existing railings. And, the counter space near the dining table and the grill counter hides the mechanicals.