A Creative Way to Design an Existing Terrace

This beautiful multi-level terrace is highly visible by all building residents so we developed a space that was attractive, neat and comfortable. We created a warm, welcoming outdoor container to flank the front entrance door. As a dog owner, we also notched out a place for their dog to go out by creating a smaller outdoor doggy pad that quickly tucks away where it is not easy to see.

Our weekly visits at the property include collecting & sweeping debris, checking the irrigation system, pruning damaged plant materials, observing for any potential problems and re-organizing any furniture out of its intended place.

Each season, annuals are rotated through selected containers to complement existing plantings. Two highly-visible urns sit side-by-side along the back gate. The problem with these plantings is that there is no irrigation because it is far away from the water source. The solution was to implement a monthly orchid rotation surrounded by annual plants such as ivy, zebra plant, begonias, and euphorbia, providing a dramatic pop of color.