Making An Entrance

Creating AWESOME at your front door!

Most of us know the importance of curb appeal when we are looking to sell our homes, but why wait to fix up your front for someone else? Here are 5 design tips to help you create an entrance to remember.


Paint that front door.

  • Use contrasting color from the rest of your home to catch the eye.
  • Take cues from style of home to ensure cohesive design aesthetic.
  • Go as bold as you are comfortable with.



Find fabulous planters to frame the entrance.

  • Again, take cues from style of your home when choosing planters.
  • Get planters that are bigger than you think you need, a planter that is too small will un-impress.
  • Do up the display! Make it HUUUGE (to steal a phrase)! Don’t skimp on plants and make sure that you change out the planting for each season – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.



Work on that walkway.

  • The front walkway should be at least 36” wide for your guests.
  • Choose a paving material that compliments your home. We prefer natural materials like stone and clay pavers.
  • Keep plants trimmed off the walkway so your guests don’t have to bushwhack through a jungle.



Light it up.

  • Make sure that the front door has a light fixture that fits with the style of your home and is bright enough for you and your guests.
  • Use low voltage landscape lighting to brighten the pathway and any steps for ambiance and safety.
  • Add additional landscape lighting to light up your home and / or trees to create a greater sense of welcome.


Picture courtesy of Night Light, Inc.


Upgrade those planting beds.

  • Use plants to highlight your home’s architectural features.
  • Add a mix of flowering and evergreen shrubs for interest throughout the year.
  • Fill out beds with flowering perennials and interesting groundcovers.
  • Always remember to select plants that are hardy for your area, non-invasive and grow in the amount of sun they will get. Consider natives and drought tolerant plants that won’t need a lot of extra attention. Choose plants with mature sizes that fill only the area you have for them.