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Topiarius employees are both talented and motivated. They love what they do because we create awesome, daily. Our upbeat, positive, and ‘yes’ attitude creates an environment that loves to communicate, handles the details, works efficiently, completes our work, constantly learns, takes accountability for our actions, and makes our clients really happy.


We are a highly talented, flexible, creative, and nimble team of quick-witted professionals who excel at a wide variety of disciplines including state of the art design, exterior space planning, horticultural services, fine gardening, landscape installation, and fine carpentry for outdoor spaces.


We thrive on new ideas, breaking the mold, and pushing limits while at the same time relying on lessons learned, the experience of others, and all the great ideas we didn’t think of ourselves.


Internally, we are organized to create, build, install, maintain, source, and manage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve by increasing skill level, finding new tools, and hiring exceptional people. We are driven by curiosity and competitiveness to produce a product that exceeds both the customer’s expectations and our ever increasing high standards.

Employment Policies

Topiarius is an Equal Opportunity Employer. No applicant for employment with Topiarius be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, age, reprisal for engaging in anti-discrimination activities, protected genetic information, sexual orientation, or parental status.


Full-time positions include:

  • Paid Time Off. Accrue vacation and sick leave. (Get paid to take time off!)
  • Paid holidays.
  • Option to join medical and dental insurance plans.
  • Retirement plan available after 1 year of employment & minimum 1000 hours of worked.
  • PayActive (for times when accessing your earned wages before you get your check is necessary).
  • Complimentary Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability plans.

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Job Openings (by Department)

Fine Gardening


Posted: 7/17/2019

Start Date: September 2019

We are seeking a Designer & Sales Associate that is equally passionate and gifted at both sales and design.

This position is responsible for a portfolio of maintenance and seasonal annual accounts (primarily residential). This includes designing seasonal rotations and small landscape projects; estimating and creating proposals for seasonal rotations, landscape enhancements, and maintenance services; and, building strong relationships with existing clients by having a clear understanding and knowledge of each client’s expectations and delivering “awesome” on those expectations.


Posted: 8/20/2019

Start Date: September 2019

We are seeking a Supervisor that serves in a full-time, supervisory/leadership role with a team of 8-10 people. As a Supervisor, this position will manage, guide, and help crews on maintenance services and seasonal annual rotations (spring, summer, fall, and winter/holiday).


Design | Install


(1) Crew Member*

Posted: 8/20/2019

Start Date: ASAP

We are seeking people who know how to properly install softscape and hardscape materials in a landscape (ground level and roof tops). Hardscape installation includes patios, pathways, retaining walls, and pedestal systems.

Skills needed include prepping bases, setting grades, and cutting materials for the installations. Comfortable with cut-off saws and grinders is needed. Knowing correct planting techniques a must. Knowledge and experience with landscape tools and equipment also a must.

* Note:

The listed positions are seasonal full-time (March – December). Our work is done in all weather conditions, cold or hot. Team members need to speak and understand conversational English, have the ability (with tools) to move up to 100 lbs., and have a high school diploma or equivalent-type experience.