Easy Vegetables to Grow on Roof Top Gardens

When it comes to growing vegetables on your rooftop, there are very few limitations. As long as you have sun for most of the day and a consistent watering system/schedule, success is practically guaranteed.


Photo Credit: TOPIARIUS


In addition to the raspberries, tomatoes, peppers, and dill, the above rooftop includes carrots, lettuce, and herbs.






Photo Credit: TOPIARIUS



This rooftop garden is nestled into the full design of the whole space. It is on the perimeter next to the kitchen. In addition to the cherry tomatoes and eggplant, there are squash and cucumbers.


Photo Credit: TOPIARIUS



There are both cool and warm season vegetables that can be planted throughout the growing season. In early spring think spinach, snap peas, beets, and kohlrabi. Once the weather heats up you can plant those tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, beans, zucchini, butternut squash . . .


If you are just looking to stick your toe into vegetable gardening here is a mix that as easy to care for and provides that big bang of fresh garden flavor: Patio Hybrid Tomato, Italian Basil, Fairy Tale Eggplant, Mint, and Rosemary.


Here are some of our favorite places to purchase organic seeds and starter plants.